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unexpected improvement! I'm pumpee!

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Hey guys. I just had to share my good news. I have always used sea foam in my fuel and have had good results from doing so. But I was never sure if I could use it as an oil additive because of the wet clutch. So I called sea foam today and talked to Jim and asked him about it. He answered an unequivocal yes! So I put in 2.5 ounces as directed hoping to loosen up any sludge that might be in there because I'll be doing an oil change soon. Well imagine my surprise to feel like I'd just put a new clutch in it! I mean the difference is just amazing! It used to slip a little when you're taking off and then from each gear unless the revs were way up. It still does some but it's VERY little by comparison. I'm just amazed at the difference. Thought I'd share that with you guys. Maybe you already knew about how good it does in your oil?
I'm curious after I've had it in there for a couple days to see if I find any other improvements. I'll be sure to post about it if I do. I decided to make a new post because I want people to find out about it if they don't already.
Hope everyone is well! See ya next time!
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Hmm... that is very interesting!!! I wonder if the previous owner had put automotive oil in the crankcase... and if the Seafoam is now removing those friction modifiers from the clutches? A teardown inspection (with replacements on hand) after a few hundred miles would probably tell a good tale.

Thanks for posting this info! I'm going to experiment with it...!!
Wow, I am surprised that there was any sludge in that motor! Someone must have put a paraffin (Pennsylvania crude) oil in it years ago. That, or it wasn't changed often enough early in its life...

You should enter your 350 in the ATV of the month contest! We need mo' bikes...!!!
Those clutches are as rare as hens teeth! I saw one clutch disc on ebay recently and the seller wanted a small fortune for it. Just one disc... lol

Your spare diff shouldn't be open, it must be worn out?

Check your mail maybe that new phone arrived today... :)
I thought those clutches were obsolete, but I looked and everything is still available!

Honda ATV Parts 1987 TRX350 A DIFFERENTIAL GEAR Diagram

They were used up thru 2001 on various models. Even the cone shaped springs are for sale. The case, gears and shafts are the only parts that you can't buy. Servicing the clutch packs is not difficult either! And you got the secret juice already... LOL
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Yeah, the centrifugal clutch weights are lined, sort of like a brake shoe... As far as I know there are no products available to reline them, so they have to be replaced when they wear out. Generally the drum must be renewed when the weights are, because those linings wear grooves into the drum over time... new weights require a flat and smooth drum surface having no wear. Best practice is to buy them all as a matched set... which nowadays on the TRX350s means buying used parts that came off the motor together, then making sure that the drum endplay matches... or scrounging for a "like new" drum and running the best weights you can find.

In the MICHIGAN corp for an ATV off road vehicle sticker, the parasite wants fed every year of course. I forget the fee, but I think it was between $35-$40 the last time I fed them. For sleds it is worse... the parasites want a registration fee every 3 years, plus a $50 per year trail pass fee. I stay off of their designated "trails"... LOL
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