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TXR500FA been sitting up and having problems

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I've been having a couple of problems with my 01 Foreman/Rubicon 500. First the battery keeps running dead. Its a new battery so i figure its grounding out somewhere, but if there are other possibilities i'd love to hear them.

That's not my biggest problem. This is it. The bike will start and idle as long as its full choke. If I cut the choke it idles rough and low and will cut off. I've run seafoam through it and it has helped a little but not solved the problem. When I try to give it gas it cuts off. I don't know if its flooding it or what. I'm a novice at fourwheelers so I'd love some input. Thanks
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Yeah I'm sure that's what it is, i just wanted to avoid pulling the carb off....if i did i'm sure i would convince myself to go ahead and re-jet it.
Aight, i cleaned the carb out and now it won't start. If i spray starter fluid in it it will start but now without starter fluid. So, i'm assuming no fuel. Everything is reconnected. Any suggestions?
No gas, also disconnected the fuel line and nothing. Again, forgive me, i'm a an extreme novice when it comes to atv's.
the fuel was on. I feel stupid, I just needed to put it on Res. because there was less than I thought.
letting the batter charge tonight. Like i previously said, the batter is running dead for some reason (grounding out some where, etc....) I'll try it in the morning. I also have to figure out how to tune it, or at least the best way to tune it.
Alright, i'm having trouble tuning it. I may just call someone who knows what they're doing....and watch them. It idles well but when i give it gas it hesitates and sputters but evens out and revs up.
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