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Two swing arm mounts?

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Changed the swing arm bearings in my bosses 08/09 420 today, when I was refitting the swing arm I noticed a second set of holes on the frame about an inch below the mounts. What are these for?
I did consider bolting it back together using the lower holes to see if there was any noticeable differences other than a slight lift, I decided against thatbin the end and put it back together as it should be.


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The IRS/DCT ranchers used the other set of holes to mount the rear IRS cage.

Partzilla usually shows interchange, but they don't show a frame so found it here...

50100-HP7-A00 Honda Frame $699.15 - 2WheelPros
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I had an 08 FM Rancher and then picked up an 09 AT Rancher. Just out of curiosity I compared to see how hard it would be to swap the IRS rear into a footshift.

The 07-08 Frames were a little different and required brackets to be fabbed to swap in the IRS rear subframe. The 09-13 420 Frames were all the same, and had mounting points for both SRA and IRS.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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