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Trying to revive a 30+ yr sitting 250r

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So I was just giving a 1984 Honda 250r from my father in law. This thing hasn’t ran since 87’. New to any form of atv’s. Was wondering what all you think I need in order to get this thing back alive & running. Any advice would be helpful. What to give this thing a second chance.
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Welcome to the forums. Get on FB and look for Honda Hoarders... contact Greg Ambruster he will point you in the right direction for body parts and anything else you need. Also check.

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Also I probably wouldn't break the engine down. It looks to have been kept out of the elements. You'll be able to see the cylinder through the intake port. Change the fluids and clean the carb. Replace the air filter, and check all of the wiring for chew marks, chaffing, or cracking. Spray a little marvel mystery in the cylinder and rotate by hand a few turns too.
I had an old 74' CB that had not ran in 20 years, hooked a battery up sprayed fuel in the carb, she lit right off.
Also look in the tank to make sure it's not rusted? I bet its clean

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