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Trying to revive a 30+ yr sitting 250r

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So I was just giving a 1984 Honda 250r from my father in law. This thing hasn’t ran since 87’. New to any form of atv’s. Was wondering what all you think I need in order to get this thing back alive & running. Any advice would be helpful. What to give this thing a second chance.
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if and when you do get it to run ?, warning !!!! very careful of the power band that thing has !!
Welcome to the forums. Get on FB and look for Honda Hoarders... contact Greg Ambruster he will point you in the right direction for body parts and anything else you need. Also check.

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nice little link you posted bro, prices for some of that stuff across the pond are shocking !!
Thanks for all the help. So far I’ve drained all the fluids, rebuilt the carb slapped a new plug on it. Took about 3 cranks & she’s alive! Took around the block to make she goes through the gears. Still don’t have back brakes. Not getting fluid to the rear caliper? Maybe clogged line. Is it necessary to use the clutch to shift & if I don’t will it damage the clutches? New video of it coming to life soon
you really need to use the clutch !. yes you can change gears on it, but it sure makes it hard on the clutch parts. how you think truckers shift their rigs ?, you think they use the clutch ?..most dont !!. how ya like that power band ?? I took one ride on an '82 I think it was ?..holy crap, got off it..and ran away !
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