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Trying to revive a 30+ yr sitting 250r

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So I was just giving a 1984 Honda 250r from my father in law. This thing hasn’t ran since 87’. New to any form of atv’s. Was wondering what all you think I need in order to get this thing back alive & running. Any advice would be helpful. What to give this thing a second chance.
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lucky you, I am sure there are folks on the ATC250r site 3wheelerworld forum
they would go nuts to find one in this good of shape
and that leads me to say, you might be better off over on there site asking for help/opinions on this project, plus to find any needed parts too,
best of luck redoing it, and be sure to share some pic's as you go here, many here would enjoy them, me included
I rode these when they were new and first came out LOL

here are links to above mentioned sites

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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