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Trying to figure out problems

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I have always been able to clean carbs and normally get stuff running but I'm just wanting to take it to the next leavle
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Are you talking engine rebuilds, etc? I was in your shoes once. I have no formal training in engine troubleshooting or rebuilds, but I consider myself pretty good at it. About 12 years ago I bought a blown up quad for the first time as a money making and learning opportunity. It took me several months, but eventually I got it running and looking good again. It was a fun project, and I made some good money to boot. Since then I have been hooked, and do several flips a year, and also sell parts on eBay all the time.

lol bro, same here, done one many moons ago, got hooked right off the bat !. I love wrenching more than I do riding them..lmfao.
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