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Trying out our different rim and tire combinations on the 300fw project

New 26/10/12 STI Chicane RX 8ply tires on New 12x8 Vision 551 rims

New 23/9.5/14 EFX MotoHammer RX 6ply tires on New 14x7 KMC SX128 rims

Both excited our expectations in performance, ride quality and looks. We love both combos. I personally like the closer to stock size 23 tire on the over size 14 rim combo. It really make the lift show out. The 26 on 12 combo really fills it out and provides about 1.5” more grown clearance and ride hight. Surprisingly not much difference in clearance and hight between the 23 on 14 combo and the 26 on 12 combo.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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