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trx500fa1 wont engage gear ( anyone have access to a factory manual ?)

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01 TRX500FA1 throws codes 11 and 5 and wont engage ANY gear ---- (N) sounds fine ----- any other gear sounds as if it is trying to engage (grinds) machine will not move in either direction ----- shift motor is fine ----angle sensor tests good but slightly erratic----- I found a post refering to pg 23-15 ( presumably in the factory service manual) that talks about swash plate unlocking procedure but it sure aint in my clymer manual ! ------ any info would be GREATLY appreciated---- Thanks , Psychosteve
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Hey Saber------- pulled , cleaned and dielectric greased the ECM and angle sensor plugs ---also , I cleared the codes and tried it , no change in function , but now throws a code 10 that my book IDs as a hard ECM failure , codes 11 and 5 did not return , ( did I mention it takes a couple `o seconds to start grinding gears after going from Neut. to any driving gear , like delayed engagement in a car trans ? )------also , the failure happend after stopping on a rather steep hill to pick up my glasses and when i proceeded down the hill coasting in 1st gear ( low range)it ``clicked`` all the way to the bottom , about 50 feet , and hasent engaged a gear since .--- any Ideas ? ------ Thanks for your time & help , PsychoSteve

The same thing happenned to me, I was drivin up a small hill, when the tranny felt like it gave out, now theres no gears forward or reverse, and all it does is grind when u put it into forward or reverse. Has any one figured this problem out?
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