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trx500fa1 wont engage gear ( anyone have access to a factory manual ?)

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01 TRX500FA1 throws codes 11 and 5 and wont engage ANY gear ---- (N) sounds fine ----- any other gear sounds as if it is trying to engage (grinds) machine will not move in either direction ----- shift motor is fine ----angle sensor tests good but slightly erratic----- I found a post refering to pg 23-15 ( presumably in the factory service manual) that talks about swash plate unlocking procedure but it sure aint in my clymer manual ! ------ any info would be GREATLY appreciated---- Thanks , Psychosteve
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Is it an 01 rubicon?
Pull the plugs on the angle sensor and ecm Clean the contacts inside and dielectric grease them before reassembly.
If that does not help there are a few other things to look at..Let me know
Code #10 is ECM (fail safe relay) .. Which has nothing to do with the bike moving when shifted from "N" to "L or D" .. There are several things that can/will cause the bike not to shift BUT it should still should move and drive ..
If the ECM picks up the angle sensor didn't move the ECM will put the bike in fail safe mode (2nd gear) , this is for the driver to slowly drive home , to re-set it you have to cycle the key off/on ... Now that you said there was a clicking Im thinking the oil pump drive chain came off in that case you need to dtop running the engine AS IT HAS NOOIL PRESSURE!! and bring it to a dealer to have a pressure test done

The trouble could be in the sub-transmission but if it didn't have the oil pressure test done then myself I wouldn't run the engine..
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Low oil pressure could be the transmission, oil pump or relief valve. My guess is the check valve. You need to inspect that and replace as needed.Check valve is 13 and 14..
Let me know what you find.

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The oil pressure should be around 22 psi at 1400 rpm and 116 psi at 5000 rpm.Code 10 Puts the ecm in failsafe but that just limits the machine to 1st and 2nd gear AKA slow riding to get you home but if the machine is not producing oil pressure its a no go.I have been looking for that second check location and cant seem to find it yet. The next route I would take is verify that the oil pump chain is still intact.Im going to keep hunting for the check location I will keep you updated..
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