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trx500fa1 wont engage gear ( anyone have access to a factory manual ?)

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01 TRX500FA1 throws codes 11 and 5 and wont engage ANY gear ---- (N) sounds fine ----- any other gear sounds as if it is trying to engage (grinds) machine will not move in either direction ----- shift motor is fine ----angle sensor tests good but slightly erratic----- I found a post refering to pg 23-15 ( presumably in the factory service manual) that talks about swash plate unlocking procedure but it sure aint in my clymer manual ! ------ any info would be GREATLY appreciated---- Thanks , Psychosteve
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Hows it goin? I've been following this tread,,,hopping you find the fix! I've got the same issue. Even in neutral the engine doesn't rev freely, but it rolls no problem. In neutral or any gear it just bogs down. I'm getting A code 5 and 10. I've replaced the angle sensor and down all necessary cleaning to connections with electric grease. Now I'm just waiting to see if you find the fix!
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