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I have 2- 2007 trx500's and had the same thing happen, but only to the newest one. Took it to the dealership and they replaced the needle valve and float. They said the cause is Ethonal in the fuel and the you must add additive to the gas "startron" and drain the bowl after use.
They said if you arent going to use it drain the bowl if it is not going to be started within 2 weeks.
I did that to both of my units. 3 weeks they sat (covered) and they both started overflowing when iIturned the gas tank to "on".
I called the dealership and they are blaming it on ethonal in the gas. They are recommending i have the needle valve and float changed in both units $140.00 each, even when i just had one done, no warranty .........
Any ideas or help would be appreciated
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