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Hey guys. I have a bunch of TRX parts I'm selling. They're off an 04 that I'm putting back to stock. I just recently bought the quad, but have now found a more built quad that I'm wanting to get. I was told by the previous owner that the quad was built, but never raced. Any where is from normal riding. Here's the list:

Suspension: I'm going off what I was told by previous owner. These shocks ride really well and appear to have little time on them. Were recently re-serviced, so they should be good to go!

1. GT Thunder front rebuilds - Valved and sprung for 200 lb XC --- $225 obo w/trade for your stockers in good shape
2. Rear shock w/linkage - Revalved for same weight and set for XC link --- $100 obo w/trade for your stocker w/stock linkage

I will also work a deal for the complete set!

1. Cylinder works 480 Kit 13.5:1 - From what the previous owner says I believe this motor has VERY few hours on it. Around 20 hours of trail riding. Pulls really strong and runs great! --- $350 obo or trade +cash for your stock cylinder/piston in good condition
2. Curtis Sparks Exhaust Ceramic Coated - $265 or $235 w/good condition stock exhaust
3. Hotcams Stage 2 cam - $150 obo w/exchange for stock cam in good shape (still have to verify this cam is in there)
4. Head w/KibbleWhite oversize valves

1. Douglas Shamrock Beadlocks f/r
- 4+1 fronts w/ 4x144 bp
- 3+5 rears w/ 4x110 bp
- $400 obo (SALE PENDING)
2. Kenda Knarly 20x11-9 rears and Kenda Klaw XCR fronts w/95% tread
- $200 obo

1. Lonestar Stock to +3 (6 spacers) axle sprocket hub - Seams to be in good shape - Straight and splines look good! A little discoloration --- $225 obo or trade stock axle w/hub and lock-nuts for $190 obo

2. Single sided sprocket guard - $25 obo (Maybe Lonestar --- No brand indicated) (SOLD)

1. UM Pro Peg nerfs - $70 obo
2. Clark Clear Oversized dry break tank w/Screw on lid - $95 obo (Sale Pending)
3. Laeger's +1 anti-vibe stem w/extra clamp mounts - $125 obo
4. Rated X big bar billet clamp - $35 Like brand new
5. CCP Stabilizer (Linkage is a little lose) - $90 obo (SOLD)
6. Gunnar red Kill Switch - $20 obo
7. Racing Hood - $15 obo or straight trade for stock hood in good shape (Sale Pending)
8. Flexx Handlebars w/Red Powermadd HG's and Wraps and gray pad - $260 obo
9. One Industries gripper seat cover on stock seat - $20 + stock seat trade w/o shipping (Sale Pending)

That's about it for now. I'll be posting pics in the morning. To those of you who have sent messages from my old post, I'll be responding asap. I'll also be posting more parts as I come up with pricing.

The parts are located in Greenfield IN. Prices are without shipping, but I'm willing to deal a lot, so don't be afraid to ask. I can deliver to any IXCR or MAXC race. Also, can deliver along I-65 anywhere from Chicago IL to Montgomery AL.

All payments done through Paypal, w/payments going to [email protected]. This way we're both safe. Thanks!

All parts minus the cylinder kit, head, cam, and nerfs boxed and ready to be shipped instantly!

Go to this thread for pics: TRX450R Aftermarket parts. XC/MX. Lots of Parts! - Quadzone Forums
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