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First off there are dozens of postings on the net about issues with fuel pumps/filters etc. Please read this post if you think you might could help because I will explain how I have ruled this out.

1st off the bike cranks fine and will run about 100 yards or so and then stalls. I have discovered that if I don't go as fast I can let off the gas and it will continue to run. Would appear to be that its not getting enough gas. Cut bike off and wait 30 seconds and it will crank back up and then run at idle for ever but if you increase attempt to travel it will stop in about 20 yards or about 10 to 15 seconds. I have applied throttle while in idle for extended period of time but it does not stall. Not sure if this is valid as use under load might be much different.

Now for the really weird part. I have two of these bikes. At this point here is what I have done. I have swapped the following parts and the problem does not go away nor change bikes.

Fuel tank
Fuel pump
start/pump relay
Coil and wire
ECT Sensor
IAT Sensor

I'm pretty sure i have swapped the plug but at this time my brain is fried so I will try that again tomorrow.


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Not sure why you swapped most of that because your bike would throw a code if a sensor were shutting down your bike.
Is your dash blinking? If so then count the long and short blinks and report back.
Sounds like your bike running out of gas so stay focused on something mechanical or a relay but definitely put a new spec spec plug in it. Does the bike have a snorkel? Make sure the snorkel is facing you or that the air box isn't wide open. Too much air is just as bad as not enough air. Have you checked the fuel vent lines and air filter?Things that control fuel are fuel pump relay its the black box next to your solenoid. Bank angle sensor, throttle body, fuel petcock(check for good flow), vent lines out of fuel pump and fuel pump. Try swapping the throttle body you may have a bad injector. Have you adjusted the valves or done any other work recently?
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