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TRX350TM Engine Problems

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Hello everyone, need some help with my Honda 2001 TRX350TM Rancher. About a year ago my rancher carburetor began flooding. When my son in law brought it home I put it in the shed and haven't bothered with it since. Recently I decided to get it going again. I replaced the carburetor and serviced it with a drop in replacement carb. Now upon trying to start it I cannot get it to fire at all. Can anyone give me a hint where to start troubleshooting what has happened. It was starting but flooding when I put it in the shed. It seems as if I am not getting any fire to the ignition.(just a guess) Can you give me any outline to follow to find my problem?
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Hi Bigdipper,

Welcome to the forums!

First off, is your replacement carb a genuine Honda replacement for your year and model? If not a genuine OEM carb then you'll need to put your original carb back on the motor after repairing it with a kit. If your carb is OEM then proceed to verify that fresh fuel is getting into it by loosening the drain plug a bit until fuel runs out.

If there is any old fuel in the tank and fuel filter and lines, that will have to be flushed out and the drain plug removed from the carb to empty old fuel out before proceeding to refill the tank with fresh fuel.

Once you have verified that fresh fuel is getting into the carb, if it still won't start, take the spark plug out and lay it on the head (clamp it down if you can) and put the spark plug wire back on the spark plug. Make sure the kill switch on the handlebar is in the "Run" position, the neutral light is on with the key turned on, press the starter button and look for spark jumping the gap on the spark plug. Look for spark in the dark... not in a bright area.

Let us know what ya got...
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Only need spark and fuel to start
1. Spray carb or brake or starting fluid in carb and see if it try's to start if so then you have spark if not change spark plug check battery connections.

2. Verify fuel to the carb. When bikes sit a long time the petcock gets clogged on the tank. Disconnect the fuel line at the tank and make sure gas comes out. If not replace petcock but make you have gas in the tank! It will run on old gas but it will run crappy do be sure to drain the old gas.
More Information

Here is a little more info about this machine. It was a fence find (farmer parked it in the field next to a fence when he thought it was all used up) I rescued it and put all the body back on that he had stored in his barn. After cleaning up the carb and trying to get started I had exactly the same problem getting it started. Worked on it for a long time and then one day it started and had run and started great ever since. The problem is, I don't have a clue what I did but whatever it was got it to going. Here I am again and really don't know where to start. I am getting fuel. Want to check out the electrical since it could just be a bad connection. And hints or steps to go thru to check out the electrical. The starter and lights all work fine. Thanks in advance.
Spray starting fluid in the carb and see it it briefly starts. If it does then you have spark meaning it isn't an electrical issue...... it means you need a new carb or it isn't clean. How long ago did you replace the carb?
Also Triple check these:
Plenty of gas in tank
Kill switch is in "run" position
Bike is in neutral
Choke is on


You can use stater fluid, brake or carb cleaner to spray in the carb and see if it starts up for about a second........ or you can continue to ignore what everyone here is telling you lol

I can walk through step-by-step troubleshooting and diagnosis with you if you wish? You'll need a copy of the service manual for this, along with a multimeter that you'll be using to measure DC voltages and resistance in Ohms.

If you need one, you can get a copy of the service manual HERE.
Do you have a multimeter?

I am working on other stuff, so if/when I'm delayed in responding, please be patient... Thanks,
Update on 350 engine starting problem

I will spray the carb and see if it starts. If it doesn't I will get back for some ignition troubleshooting. Thanks for the manual downloads. One Step at a time! Thanks Again
I'll probably be busy for a few days, so I'll leave you and Carolynskiii to walk you through the ignition diagnosis steps in the manual. Be back to see how it went in a few...
Sounds good Bigdipper! For good measure you may want to go ahead and change that spark plug too. You can also inspect the choke cable and tap on the carb bowl with a screw driver.
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