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TRX350D not cold starting. Found problem, need help.

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As the weather has been getting colder my Foreman has become more and more difficult to start. It’s not been getting used much since the summer.
Yesterday was the day, fully charged battery, checked for fuel at the carb and checked for a spark, all present and correct.

Eventually I got it running. I was dubious of the choke function as there seemed no resistance at the choke lever. As it turned out the choke cable was not connected! Carb removed and it became evident that the choke plunger had been damaged at some point previous to my ownership and the lug broken off. The plunger was also seized inside its housing. I drilled out the plunger which eventually broke free.

Now, I’ve been trying to source a replacement although most look too long. Where can I purchase a reasonably priced replacement? Are there any other carbs that take this same plunger/valve?

I’ll attach a few photos below.


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Picked one up yesterday 16046-HA7-920 CAD$ 67.99 "only in Canada, you say" :eek
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