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TRX350 Reverse Issue

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Hello All,

Today I drove 2 1\2 hours to pick up my newest toy, a 2000 Honda Rancher TRX350TM. I practically stole it for $500 from the previous owner due to him needing it gone. I have owned plenty of four wheelers in my life living on a 90 acre farm that my parents own. However, this is the first Honda I have ever owned. After getting it home and running it around the field with my trusty sidekick (My 4 year old) It runs excellent and has very few issues that need worked out. One of which is that I cannot get it into reverse. I put it into neutral, pressed both breaks as hard as I could, and tried my best to get it to engage with no luck. It shifts perfectly through every other gear however. Is this a common issue with these machines? Any input is greatly appreciated as I am very lost on what the problem is as it is likely operator error.
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