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TRX350 fourtrax front shaft/brakedrum

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I have a complete right side shaft, knuckle and drum assembly for an 86 fourtrax 350.

I've tried to sell it on ebay, and if no one wants it I will trash it.

Just pay for shipping and a little for my effort and it's yours. I bought it as a left-right pair, but only used the left side.

If no takers it's going in the dumpster and this part is unavailable, so if you know anyone with this bike, tell them so they can get it.
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lol know me all to well don't you ! know i'm probally the only trx350d owner around here..lmao.
Yeah.I don't know anyone else.LOL
you know alot...just not with a bike as old and tricked out like mine !..lmfao
Yeah that thing looks like a tank.LOL
your nick named it the ''tank''..because of the straight front axle..and yeah..she runs and turns like a tank's got one heck of a super low gear..maybe 2 mph at the most !
It won't fit your bike. I'm pretty sure it will only fit the 86.
i don't think they changed anything from '86 to '89 on these bikes as far as the front end goes..but..even if they did..i've got a back up parts bike that i can rob parts off of, with a bike this's a good idea to keep spare parts thanks anyway.
I don't recall the specifics, but I do think the shafts are different. At least, during my research when I was trying to find shafts I'm pretty sure I figured out they weren't the exact same part.

In any case, it's moot in this situation, but if you ever need parts in the future just be very sure it will fit before you buy it.
thanks..thats a very good thought..and i do know..the 87 and 88 trx350's are the same..i've got alot of parts off these to fit my 89..they changed the fuel tank gauge on these models, changed the front end pastic's and grill and headlights..other than's pretty much the same you stated..always make sure the part will fit before you buy it ! :)
1 - 5 of 16 Posts