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trx350 exhaust and tuning

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anyone know where i can get a decent factory muffler for my 87 trx350 4x4? or want to trade factory for the cobra i have? ebay has one but its got holes in it and they want 90 bucks. having trouble tuning my bike and i want it quieter for hunting. cleaned carb many times, changed jets still dies when wot is applied from idle. whats got me baffled is i had some dirt in the float needle so it was overflowing. when leaking fuel the problem went away? reved up fine but cleaned it and the problem came back. cant adjust float level but would that be it? i also sometimes get a backfire and a flame out of the carb when the boot is off.
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i got it to stop leaking but when it was leaking i didnt have the bogging problem. stop leaking....bogging started again. the bike will fire right up. i ease into the throttle it revs....push throttle wide open quickly and it bogs. will it run if its a tooth off on timing?
i went from a 35(stock) pilot to a 40,42,50,52,58. still bogs. the main seems ok. i have the same air filter and pipe on my trx250 and didnt have to go up that much. one other thing is the type of jets. my local dealer says there are different "series" jets. mine has threads on the outside but the distance between the threads and the top are different. would that make a difference?
would it run if it was a tooth off on the cam. i did just rebuild the top end so all that was disassembled.
ok so my repair manual tells me how to check timing with a light which i dont have. which mark do i use in the index hole? i took the valve cover of, put at tdc, and the mark on the cam gear looked to be off. so i rotated back, looked to be about 2 teeth. put it all back together returned my jets back to stock and.........its worse now!!!!! WTF. i bought the bike not running so i dont know if it ran right before. i just rebuilt the top end. any other ideas? i know the timing marks should be in a straight line up thru the center of the cylinder to the valve cover right?
there is also an "O" on the other side of the cam gear above one of the bolts that points straight up. i remember those marks now and i forgot to check those. could my valves be causing this or have somehting to do with it? checking them....use the other marks or the same one? is it ok to keep my stock jetting until i get this cured or is it gonna cause problems?
rechecked the timing with the two marks parallel to the time. so still backfiring and not reving. can the valves be that much out? didnt have a chance to recheck them tonight. what next
the bike didnt run when i bought it. the ring gap was like a 1/4 inch!!!!!! so i rebuilt the top end. it had a larger main jet in it and pilot was stock. my carb is spotless. i have had it off 100 times playing with the jets. i cant seem to find a combination that works.
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