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I have a TRX350 ES (I think is 2005) which I don't use it that much. So it mostly has been sitting there without moving since October last year (around 4 months).

Last week I try to start it. Usually I don't have a problem, even after 2 or 3 months without using it, but this time the battery appeared to be dead. So I used the manual starter (cord) and it started just fine, the engine running smoothly after 1 or 2 minutes of warming up.

The problem is, the main display was off and so all the lights and indicators (like the Neutral light). Everything was off. As mentioned, the engine was running fine, but I couldn't move the bike since the electronic shifter was not working at all.

I let it run for a while to see if the battery would get a charge, but nothing happened. I measured the voltage across the terminals and it was zero and also disconnected one terminal and measure again and it was zero volts again.

I verified all the fuses and they are fine. I assume the battery could be damaged, but still I think I should get 12V on the terminals like on a normal car, and that the bike should be able to run and keep all indicators on even without the battery.

So, not sure were to go from here. I try to get some electrical schematics but I have a lot of restrictions (i'm on a company network) and don't seem to be able to download them from the ones available here on the forum. I'll give it another try later at home.

But I was wondering if any one could give me some tips on key areas that I could check (and how to check them) and see if maybe this can be solved without me having to actually take the bike to the repair shop.

Thank you very much in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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