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trx350 4x4 hard to start when hot

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new to the board. just got a 87 350 4x4. rebuilt top end. will start when cold but i rode it for 20 minutes and it wouldnt idle and died. would not start back up until it cooled down. fuel pump pumps. carb clean. stepped up on the pilot jet from stock 35 to a 38 then 52 when 38 didnt help. my idle screw is all the way in on the carb and i have to use the cable to adjust idle. when i warm it up the idle slowly falls then dies!!! when trying to start when warm if i give a little gas it wants to fire if i hold wot it wont even try to start. any ideas? sorry so long just want to give all info possible, im usually good diagnosing problems but this has got the best of me.
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