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TRX300FW shifting into gear.

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I have a question.

When I shift my 96 TRX300FW into gear from neutral, it jumps a bit when the gear is engaged. Forward & reverse.

Is this normal?

It shifts fine up & down through the gears and I am not familiar with how the "clutches shifting" is supposed to work normally.

I checked the clutch adjustment according to the service manual.

Any thoughts?

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A slight jump is normal ..... The idol rpm should be 1400 rpm -+ 100 you can easily check it with a tiny tach .... If you go for a digital tach .... Get one with a refresh rate of 0.5 seconds


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With the motor idling and in neutral, reach down with your hand, grip the shifter lever and pull it into 1st gear without letting the shifter lever back down.... just hold the lever up firmly and continue to hold it up. Then give it some throttle. If the bikes moves or tries to creep forward, the change clutch needs to be readjusted. If the bike holds still while revving the motor a bit, but begins to move forward as you slowly allow the shifter lever to return, the clutch is adjusted correctly and is working as intended.
Credit goes to retro ^^^
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