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TRX300FW shifting into gear.

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I have a question.

When I shift my 96 TRX300FW into gear from neutral, it jumps a bit when the gear is engaged. Forward & reverse.

Is this normal?

It shifts fine up & down through the gears and I am not familiar with how the "clutches shifting" is supposed to work normally.

I checked the clutch adjustment according to the service manual.

Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the advice.

I used to have a tach on a timing light that someone "borrowed" years ago. Needless to say, I no longer have a tach!

It doesn't jump into gear that dramatic, so I will just figure it is normal. I just have ZERO experience with these, so I wasn't sure.

Yes, I used motorcycle oil from the Honda dealer.

I'll check out the sticky.
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I have 6 running 300s and all have there own characteristics when it comes to shifting and riding
Good to know.

This is my first ATV, and there are many aspects about it that are very new, and unfamiliar to me. Like the ridiculously low tire pressures! Seriously????

And naturally the factory TP gauge is missing, so I have to buy one to make sure that I have exactly 2.9psi in my rear tires, and 4.4psi in the fronts!!!!! If they were something like 12 or 15, I could use the expensive TP gauge I ALREADY have!

But I digress.
I ran 10 psi back and front and the same diameter tire all the way around , as far as the width , running 12 in the rear and 8-9-and 10's in the front
Mine are stock. Original Goodyears. I got them about what they are supposed to be. My gauge reads in one pound increments down to 5psi, then it has 2 hash marks between 5 and zero. CLOSE ENOUGH! I am only using it around the farm!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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