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trx300fw dies whennput in reverse.

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I have a 1990 honda trx300fw. it was a barn find and has been sitting for 20 plus years. owner said it had less than 15 hours on it. it didn't have spark and I bought a cdi box and new coil. that didn't work. bought a new rectifier and that didn't work. bought another cdi box and now I have spark and it runs, the first cdi I bought was not the right one apparently. now when it starts the reverse light is lighting up and when i put it in reverse it dies. i also noticed that the kill switch does not work. i dont know if that is related or not. any help would be appreciated.
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Check for service manual and parts links in my signature block below
Try not to use aftermarket parts—only Honda parts. See chapter 20, ignition troubleshooting
Do you have the original CDI? I would dry out the CDI in the oven for at least three hours. Connector side up; no more than 200F; let it completely cool down before removing it from oven.
When you turn on ignition Are you getting a neutral light? The oil light should come on momentarily and then go off.
It’s possible for the wrong CDI or swapped neutral/reverse sensor connector is involved
Check the connector on the reverse sensor switch maybe it’s loose
hey goober. thx for the reply. I do have an oil light that comes on then goes off shortly after I turn the ignition on and yes there is a neutral light. when i put it in reverse the reverse light comes on. i have the gas tank off and when I crack it the reverse light pulses like it's getting a charge from the starter maybe. I did buy the aftermarket part so I'm wondering if that could be the problem. I was trying not to spend to much to fix because I'm selling it.
Hey John
the CDI might have some humidity related ills.
Try this CDI Jerky recipe won’t hurt anything
Put your OEM CDI in an oven connector side up
Turn on oven no more than 200F; if you don’t trust the thermometer just dial it back to 180.
Let the CDI dry out for at least 3 hours and allow it to completely cool down before you reinstall it.
Sometimes humidity, moisture gets on the contacts or between circuit paths. If you can dry out the CDI you may be able to restore its function.
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