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trx300fw dies whennput in reverse.

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I have a 1990 honda trx300fw. it was a barn find and has been sitting for 20 plus years. owner said it had less than 15 hours on it. it didn't have spark and I bought a cdi box and new coil. that didn't work. bought a new rectifier and that didn't work. bought another cdi box and now I have spark and it runs, the first cdi I bought was not the right one apparently. now when it starts the reverse light is lighting up and when i put it in reverse it dies. i also noticed that the kill switch does not work. i dont know if that is related or not. any help would be appreciated.
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hey goober. thx for the reply. I do have an oil light that comes on then goes off shortly after I turn the ignition on and yes there is a neutral light. when i put it in reverse the reverse light comes on. i have the gas tank off and when I crack it the reverse light pulses like it's getting a charge from the starter maybe. I did buy the aftermarket part so I'm wondering if that could be the problem. I was trying not to spend to much to fix because I'm selling it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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