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trx300 starter motor

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my 300 will not start on the button, it just clicks at the solenoid.
I have checked all the connections and battery status and still nothing. putting a direct live on the starter motor does nothing either.
Am I right in thinking the starter motor may need new brushes and if i am right can I get them in the UK


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How did you test the starter? I usually use jumper cables. Hook one end of the cables to a good battery. Ground the other end to the starter casing and just touch the hot to the positive terminal on the starter. If it's good, it should turn. Be careful and don't let the two ends of the jumper cables touch or they will arc.

Since I don't live in the UK, I don't know where in the UK you can get the brushes. You can order them from Ebay, though.

STARTER REBUILD REPAIR KIT HONDA TRX300FW 300 281CC : eBay Motors (item 330423032851 end time May-11-10 12:46:27 PDT)
I stripped the starter apart today and it was all guked up, it was absolutely filthy. cleaned it all up reinstalled and it worked first time. well pleased
Yeah, glad everything went well and you got it fixed.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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