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Trx300 plastics !!

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If anyone is searching for trx300 plastics and flares ?, have a look at this ad on CL's I ran across the other day ----> .
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That's Greg Kantralis. He has about 40 300's. He's the Moderator on the 300 Club facebook page. He had just about anything you might need for a 300. Not cheap, but not ridiculously priced either. He's hoarded a LOT of fenders.
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He knows what the stuff will bring Shade. His prices aren’t crazy high, but they aren’t cheap either!
I ought to seen him a message and see what a set of Blue Plastic would go for , he said he has brand new ones , I would bet they are $2,500 for a complete set , I might be wrong

Pristine plastics are not important to me , I am ok with spray paint , cause I am going to scratch it all up and my wife bend and crack it up any ways
Yeah I actually bought some NOS tan fenders 2-3 years ago to change one of these green 300's to a tan 300, but then I found the 300 that Shadetree just worked on, which already had nice tan fenders on it, so I'm sitting on the new ones for a bit to see what the market does on them. Now that you can't get the tan rears new anymore I won't ever bring myself to use them because I wouldn't want to mess them up. That said, if you're not going to use them, why have them?

I'm kind of eyeing the market, waiting to get big bucks for them. LOL. Unfortunately, I didn't get a NOS grill before they went away. I bought these tan fenders intending to use them so I had a used grill, battery cover, kickstart cover, and trunk lid I was going to use.
Most people won't ship fenders because when (not if, but when) you have something like that get damaged it always falls back on the seller.
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