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Trx300 plastics !!

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If anyone is searching for trx300 plastics and flares ?, have a look at this ad on CL's I ran across the other day ----> .
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Wow ad says got “a few” trx300 parts. There’s at least 8 sets of southern blue fronts and rears there lol!
Thanks for sharing shade!
yw :). he's deff got a few of everything !
That's Greg Kantralis. He has about 40 300's. He's the Moderator on the 300 Club facebook page. He had just about anything you might need for a 300. Not cheap, but not ridiculously priced either. He's hoarded a LOT of fenders.
well, your the 2nd person that said the same thing, mac also mentioned his name. if ya'll knew about him, and what he has..why the heck didn't ya'll speak up sooner ??????????..keeping him to yourself huh ??
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Those fenders and parts were on the 300 club for a few weeks , it is a shame Monroe is about a 6 hour ride for me
for a complete NOS set ?, i'd make that drive in a heart beat !
He knows what the stuff will bring Shade. His prices aren’t crazy high, but they aren’t cheap either!
and I ain't sitting in the dark either !
if he's asking 2,500.00 for a complete set ?, then I can see why he has so many !
1 - 6 of 15 Posts