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So, the 300 I bought from the neighbor is giving me fits. I installed a new Coil and plug wire (chinese aftermarket unit) and it started right up. Ran pretty good and even idled decent.

Installed a new battery yesterday and it wouldn't start. Pulled the plug after cranking on it for ~4 hrs (just kidding).

when I ground the plug to the jug and crank it will spark on the first and sometimes last revolution of the cranking, but no spark in between! No matter how long I crank. The spark at the end of the crank doesn't happen every time, but it sparks on the first revolution about 90% of the time.

Has anyone encountered this? If so do you know the cause?

Thanks for the help!

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!996 300 are notorious for that symptom , the CDI is the culprit -----BUT ---you threw in Chinese aftermarket that puts doubt in to it -------if you bike is finely tuned and starts easy , try just pressing the start button for a split second and let off , it will catch and run if tuned well ------ if you hold the button in then it will spark one time then stop sparking
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