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trx300 4x4 dies when throttle is pressed.

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I have a 99 fourtrax that has been sitting for awhile that I am having problems with. If I choke the quad I can get it to start, but it will die once I unchoke it no matter how long I let it warm up. In neutral, slightly choked it will continue to run. Once I put it in gear it will run (stil choked), but dies once I give it any throttle.

the carb is the obvious suspect, but thought I would get some suggestions before tearing in to it. Also reading the forums I see some suggestions of sea foam, should I try adding some to the tank and letting the bike run idle for awhile or start in a different direction?
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Welcome to the forums!! I agree with Tom... Give her a good cleaning.

Merry Christmas
nah a screwdriver set maybe a can or two of carb and choke cleaner a clean area some rags, welding tip cleaners for the tiny orfices and alot of paitence.
LMAO!!! You red neck you rebuild you carb in the cab of yur truck huh?? Kitchen table works

Most are pretty simple. Just watch what you are doing and have a clean area to work on so not to loose parts and keep dirt out. Be sure to clean the cab out also.
EWWWWWW ... that's where you hide the dirty books huh?
Nope but for the record Saber don't like to use starting fluid...LAMO
so does Raid.. lol.....Speaking of Raid
My wife bought a can of Raid flea killer she was reading the instructions to see if it would hurt the cat if we sprayed the carpets and she busted out laughing.... she read allowed the you can spray your dog with it!!! next time your in the store grab a can of it and read it I fell out.
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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