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TRX250TE/TM carburetor versions

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Is there any info about the differences between carburetor versions of 2000's Recon's? I have a 2003, which is oem version -A41 (2002-2004) but I see some places selling the newer version -B61 (2007-2014) as working on 2003. Parts sites still show A41 for my year. I read one place that said B61 has epoxied jets and you have to drill them out to replace, however, parts diagrams don't support this.
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No, I won't be putting one of the Chinese carbs on it. The previous owner, who admitted not being mechanically inclined, put a new carb on it and threw away the original (ugh) because it was completely gummed up from sitting. The carb he put on it is from ebay and isn't correct. It looks like possibly a trx250ex carb (no vacuum lines or diaphram) but it's jetted 78/32. It does say 'Japan' on it, but the only number on it doesn't cross-reference to anything.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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