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First, I don't know if this noise is even a problem. It's done it ever since I ever remember riding the machine, but now that I am fixing it up, I want to check. I have not checked anything under the right side cover.

What it is is a noise that sounds like its directly under the right side cover in the centrifugal clutch area, and it does it in neutral or in gear, and it only does it if you give it throttle quickly. If you slowly ramp up, you won't hear anything unusual from idle to wide open. Even in gear, if you easily give it throttle, it won't make the noise. It is only if you use it as normal, and give it gas like you were going to 'go' that it knocks.

I have not checked the crank bearing, but I doubt its that because its done it for many years, and it also makes no noise at idle or at WOT as long as you ease into it. Crank bearings get louder....always.

Is there something in the centrifugal clutch or manual clutch that would create such a noise? I am certain that those have never been serviced since new in 1986. The one issue I do have is that the one way bearing only works when the machine is OFF, or if you goose the throttle when going down hill. Otherwise, it is not functional and no engine braking occurs. Perhaps, since that is what attaches the centrifugal clutch to teh crank, it is worn, and is allowing it to be sloppy and slap around?

Any ideas about what to look at or if the noise is perfectly normal is appreciated.

I have a leak from a cracked right side cover (previous owner cranked it down too much) so I have to remove that cover for replacement. I have changed oil in it and cleaned the screens and aside from a couple of pieces of debris, its pretty spotless and looks clean.
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