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trx200d rear end

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Hi. I'm new to owning a atv. i got a 1996 type 2 fourtrax for my son. the kids i got it from put a 300ex rear swing arm and axle on it. being it's a disc brake set up , it has no rear brakes. trying to get this closer to stock for my son to ride.
i am trying to get a new stock rear end and brakes on it.

it seems this is near impossible but did find a few parts that might work. a guy on eBay sold me a TRX 200 complete rear end, axle, swing arm and drum assembly
the part number from what i can tell is different than the numbers from honda i see on the sticker on the side (hf1-960) the numbers for my 96 should be (HF1 630) i am getting the feeling this is not from a 94 or 95 like he said but a late 80's

does anyone know if this will work?
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actually . looks like that part number is just for a warning label. not the swing arm.
that being said. will all TRX200D swing arms be interchangeable?
they should be, cross reference the part numbers from partzilla, rocky mountain atv. partzilla is easier, just click on the make, model, year, then look through the parts list, find your swing arm, click on part number, then down on the lower right side, it will show you what all models that part fits :).
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Thank you!!!
yw :).
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