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OK guys, I learned my lesson
Don't let anybody else work on your quad!!!

ANYWAY..... I'm trying to get my 88 2wd going again but just found out my godson who laid around here for 18 month Trashed my left hand switch

Why he took it apart I don't know but the kill switch is missing the tiny check ball and has a broken wire at switch contact

SO..... Does anyone know if they make a rebuild kit for that switch
OR..... Have a spare switch they ain't using cause this was a running bike that should have only needed the tank and carb cleaned and rear axle/hubs replaced

Guess ya really can't find good help anymore cause I've never had a reason to strip one of these switches down and wouldn't lose the parts if I did!!!

ANYWAY......enough griping, it's a 88 300 and the left hand switch assy on left handlebar

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the part is still available , you can buy the choke lever parts separate from Partzilla ,

88-94 Trx300 - SWITCH ASSY., LIGHTING ENGINE STARTER 35200-HC4-004 $89.67

try for a used one ------------- or since the kill switch is messed up , just slice the two wires together and it will run with no kill switch , when I got my Blue 300 it was no kill switch and I changed that one to an 88

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Thanks Fish
Figured id see if anybody here had a used one first since they don't go bad often
This is what I get for getting sick and letting somebody else "tinker" with my quads rather than get a d... JOB. ?
Live and learn

At least the wiring harness for it was still here so I got it back on yesterday
Was to frustrated to mess with any of em today and going to off road park tomorrow/Sunday so I'll see about ordering a choke plunger Monday and make sure it still runs then go from there

Time to take ol Blue out and Enjoy the weekend tomorrow so till Monday the 88's will have to wait.
Gotta try not to flip it this time though, cursed ankle is still swollen from 2 Weeks ago!!!
All in a days Fun........ ??
RemMax. ??
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