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TRX 90 weeping fuel carberator overflow tube

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Hello all new user here.

I recently acquired a 1999 TRX90 which I performed all the routine maintenance on

I noticed that the carburetor overflow tube looks wet at the outlet but gas does not really run out. I removed the float and replaced the needle valve with a new one. But it still shows wetness at the end of the tube. This happens when running and when off for a while. My next step I think would be to replace the float but I was wondering if this small amount of fuel condensing at the end of the tube is normal? The tube is fed from inside the carb bowl and I can see how some vapors could escape and condense at the end of the tube. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated as the kid is eager to go trail riding!!
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Thanks for the response. New cab might be the best option. Is there's a forumn suggestion where to buy a replacement carb? It's 1999 Honda TRX90

I did notice that with the engine running and shortly after turning it off, is the only time I see the moisture at the end of the tube. Wipping and leaving gas on after that, there is no evidence of any moisture/leaking.
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