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TRX 450 sputters and backfires when i get on the throttle... HELP

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I have an '06 trx 450 ER. I took it out the other day and it ran fine for a couple of minutes, then it started to sputter and backfire out of the exhaust (shooting flames out of my HMF pipe) it feels like i lose a bunch of hp. So i replaced the spark plug, COMPLETELY took the carb apart and cleaned the sh*t out of it. I cleaned the air filter and its still doing the same thing. It starts up just fine and i can roll into the throttle and its not nearly as bad as when i hammer down on it. Can anyone help save my weekend of riding?!?!
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What size main jets are you running? if you are running with no breather box top you will need a 180 to 185 if you have a pipe on it and the air screw out 2 turns. sounds like its lean and do you have a adjustable needle in it if so 3rd notch from bottom, if not get one and in stall.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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