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TRX 450 sputters and backfires when i get on the throttle... HELP

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I have an '06 trx 450 ER. I took it out the other day and it ran fine for a couple of minutes, then it started to sputter and backfire out of the exhaust (shooting flames out of my HMF pipe) it feels like i lose a bunch of hp. So i replaced the spark plug, COMPLETELY took the carb apart and cleaned the sh*t out of it. I cleaned the air filter and its still doing the same thing. It starts up just fine and i can roll into the throttle and its not nearly as bad as when i hammer down on it. Can anyone help save my weekend of riding?!?!
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I'm stumped, you did everything I would have mentioned.
I bet moving the clip will solve your issues.
You're stll not jetted right. the air/fuel screw only effects the idle. It won't do anything for your rpm range.

Try going to the next step up on the clip, see if that helps or makes it worse. You may need to go up on the pilot.
I have an 07, I have never needed it but I have never found my mixture screw either. There is another cable that comes from where the throttle cable attaches. It is along the right side upper frame rail. It's a black knob.
With these 450 motors you would be surprised how bad they will run being the tiniest bit out of spec.
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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