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I have a 2015 Trx 420 FA5.
I keep having a problem where the front left axle castle nut comes loose. The nut comes loose quickly again upon retightening, shearing off the cotter pin. This process repeats until the threads on the axle are shot and the entire axle has to be replaced. I have replaced the axle at least three times, with the problem popping up again every couple of months. Additionally, the bearings have been replaced several times.
The problem just occurred again and this time the brake caliper is loose too. The brake disc is also loose and the splines that join it to the axle are shot.
At this point, it seems like the problem is due to something not entirely related to the actual axle nut. Maybe some part is causing a vibration or something? Could something be bent that would cause this problem? It is hard to justify another axle without fixing something else when I know that the problem will just pop up again in few months.
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