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trx 420 fa - toe wheels.

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I need a technical data of my Honda trx 420 fa.

I banged into a tree by right wheel. No damage there. Only the position of handlebar steering it is wrong. It seems to me that the wheels look in different directions too much.
I do not have a service station near me.

Please help.
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What does this mean : 9 +/-15 ?

From -6 to + 24 mm ?

Or from 9 to 15 ????


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I have new problem. But it is the continuation of the first. More precisely the reason for it.

My ball joint ends is....... they are aluminium! Each of them has a backlash already!

I rode only 60 miles!


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Handlebar is shifted right, steering Handlebar are't directly, not forward, not straight ahead /Toe wheels may be wrong,

I rode only 60 miles and have a backlash yet!

Is it wrong?

May be I incorrect typed "backlash"? It means Luft steering. Only 60 miles!

ATV still smells of paint
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