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TRX 420 4x4

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Hello. I am willing to buy TRX 420 4x4...
But I have some questions to advanced users...
1. What to check when buying it
2. It is 2007 year - and offer is for 3000 USD. Is price ok
3. It has 550 miles on it. Is it much for ATV or no?
4. There is one more offer - same price for RWD. should i go with RWD or 4x4?
5. What else should i know when buying it...

Here is a pic of advert for 4x4...3000 USD (including winch)

And here is RWD... for same price - as is.. no other things.

Please help me with advice.
And overall info would be good - are these ranchers good. do they brake a lot if taken good care of.
Yes and main question - is 550 miles much on ATV. i dont know engine hours - that' s bad i know. Maybe there is hour counter on panel? Is there a way to check?
And if there is - how much is much :D when better not to buy than buy.

Thanx in advance.
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550 miles isn't bad. I can put that many miles on one in 3-4 rides easy. It will have an hour meter on the speedometer/display.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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