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TRX 420 4x4

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Hello. I am willing to buy TRX 420 4x4...
But I have some questions to advanced users...
1. What to check when buying it
2. It is 2007 year - and offer is for 3000 USD. Is price ok
3. It has 550 miles on it. Is it much for ATV or no?
4. There is one more offer - same price for RWD. should i go with RWD or 4x4?
5. What else should i know when buying it...

Here is a pic of advert for 4x4...3000 USD (including winch)

And here is RWD... for same price - as is.. no other things.

Please help me with advice.
And overall info would be good - are these ranchers good. do they brake a lot if taken good care of.
Yes and main question - is 550 miles much on ATV. i dont know engine hours - that' s bad i know. Maybe there is hour counter on panel? Is there a way to check?
And if there is - how much is much :D when better not to buy than buy.

Thanx in advance.
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Check the top speed and see that it doesn't top out at 35 mph. Make sure everything works- lights, brakes, gears... Cycle through all of the gears, make sure it feels as it should. look under the seat, open the airbox, check that the cooling fan works as well. I'd try the winch too.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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