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TRX 420 4x4

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Hello. I am willing to buy TRX 420 4x4...
But I have some questions to advanced users...
1. What to check when buying it
2. It is 2007 year - and offer is for 3000 USD. Is price ok
3. It has 550 miles on it. Is it much for ATV or no?
4. There is one more offer - same price for RWD. should i go with RWD or 4x4?
5. What else should i know when buying it...

Here is a pic of advert for 4x4...3000 USD (including winch)

And here is RWD... for same price - as is.. no other things.

Please help me with advice.
And overall info would be good - are these ranchers good. do they brake a lot if taken good care of.
Yes and main question - is 550 miles much on ATV. i dont know engine hours - that' s bad i know. Maybe there is hour counter on panel? Is there a way to check?
And if there is - how much is much :D when better not to buy than buy.

Thanx in advance.
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Hello, welcome to the site. I know nothing about the Latvian economy, so I can't say if you're getting a good deal or not. In the states, $3000 for a 2007 4x4 TRX420 with a winch would be a good deal...I'd certainly jump on it.
550 miles is not too much. You can find hours by pushing the button on the will cycle through odo miles, trip miles, and hours. I'd suggest changing the oil, filter, and diff oil when you buy it...that way you know it's been done and can build your maintenance schedule off of that.
Thanx Green. I checked forum and saw that some of you got atv's with over 2 and 3K miles... so 550 should be fine. Now i have to see hours. And as i understand under 100 would be fine right?
I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in hours. Mine has almost as many hours as it does miles because it spends a fair amount of time idling (when using the winch, loading the trailer, etc.). I also put on a fair amount of hours without miles when pushing snow last winter (which we had a lot of).

I would be worried if it showed 10 hours and 550 miles...this would indicate that it has ran at >55mph its whole life (wide open throttle).
The stock tires will be fine unless you get into some greasy mud...and it does not need to be all that deep to get you me. I used my stock tires for a year, including a winter of plowing a LOT of snow...they did just fine. I finally got it stuck this summer driving down a forest road. The road was covered with grass so I figured I wouldn't have a problem. The dirt under the grass was extremely soft and I sank right in to my rims. The tires quickly slicked over with greasy mud (clay) and I had to winch my way out.
Air filter, look for springs and cables the need lubricated. Check adjustment of brakes. Check tire pressure.

If the tires are good then I'd just use them until you figure out what you need.

What springs and cables are you talking about? Please explain in more detail.

And speaking of wires - and electrical system overall - i saw many guys going almoust under water with Rancher... is wiring prepared for that from factory? Or they do aditional water isolation. Air tube is clear.. but what about electricity?
Throttle cables, reverse shift cable, 4x4 shift cable. They can all be lubed with cable lube. I'm not sure what springs he's talking about...maybe throttle return spring...but I'm not sure how to lube a spring (or why).

Wiring is prepped from the factory against water intrusion, but if you're going to make a habit of riding under water, I'd suggest applying dielectric grease to all connectors and installing a snorkel. You will spend a lot of time cleaning and drying your quad.
This sucks! I'd be angry too.

I'd be willing to help you get your hands on an American machine, but I live in Nebraska (middle of the country). It would cost a bit more to ship.
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