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TRX 420 4x4

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Hello. I am willing to buy TRX 420 4x4...
But I have some questions to advanced users...
1. What to check when buying it
2. It is 2007 year - and offer is for 3000 USD. Is price ok
3. It has 550 miles on it. Is it much for ATV or no?
4. There is one more offer - same price for RWD. should i go with RWD or 4x4?
5. What else should i know when buying it...

Here is a pic of advert for 4x4...3000 USD (including winch)

And here is RWD... for same price - as is.. no other things.

Please help me with advice.
And overall info would be good - are these ranchers good. do they brake a lot if taken good care of.
Yes and main question - is 550 miles much on ATV. i dont know engine hours - that' s bad i know. Maybe there is hour counter on panel? Is there a way to check?
And if there is - how much is much :D when better not to buy than buy.

Thanx in advance.
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Agreed, and as far as I'm concerned, buying a utility ATV without 4x4 is like buying a car without AC. You may never think you'll ever need it, but that one time when you do you'll be kicking yourself for not having it.

550 miles isn't too much. What are the hours? If the hours are low, say under 100, then I'd certainly not worry too much about the mileage. If there are 10 hours on it and 500 miles, then I might wonder.

It really just depends how it was riden and taken care of. If it looks nice and clean up under it and isn't coated in mud up all over the air box. If the oil is clean, looks like it's not all bent up and has all the parts, then chances are good it's OK. You just have to get a gut feeling about it, and if something doesn't pass the sniff check [meaning you get a bad felling] then just walk away.
For ME, I see no point in having a UTILITY quad without 4x4. That's just my opinion. If you are in an area that has no hills, rocks, ruts, or water, then 2x4 might be just fine. :)

As for maintenance, the only added maintenance will be to change the oil in the front differential, check the front CV boots, and possibly replace them if they go bad. There is more maintenance costs in general, but I don't think it's enough to justify not having 4x4. Like anything, if you keep up with the maintenance, then having to do repairs will be reduced.

Again, it's a utility machine so you might get into situations that require 4x4 from time to time.
Yeah. My 08 foreman has about 70 hours and around 400 miles if I remember correctly [not close to it so can't check]. I sold an 04 foreman last fall that has like 1800 miles and 190 hours.

It all depends on how well it was maintained and how hard it was ridden though, so just be cautious.
Air filter, look for springs and cables the need lubricated. Check adjustment of brakes. Check tire pressure.

If the tires are good then I'd just use them until you figure out what you need.
Not really lubing the spring, just be sure everything is cleaned of caked on goop and give adjustment bolts/springs a shot of wd40 so they don't seize up.

I also spray non-silicon protector on my rubber parts and cv boots. We had a discussion about silicon and I have used it when I ran out of Aerospace protectant, but then we researched it and found that silicon MAY cause rubber to turn brittle over time. I'd just find a silicon free vinyl protector and use that. Or nothing at all, but thats just what I have always done to help get more life out of the rubber.
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