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TRX 420 4x4

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Hello. I am willing to buy TRX 420 4x4...
But I have some questions to advanced users...
1. What to check when buying it
2. It is 2007 year - and offer is for 3000 USD. Is price ok
3. It has 550 miles on it. Is it much for ATV or no?
4. There is one more offer - same price for RWD. should i go with RWD or 4x4?
5. What else should i know when buying it...

Here is a pic of advert for 4x4...3000 USD (including winch)

And here is RWD... for same price - as is.. no other things.

Please help me with advice.
And overall info would be good - are these ranchers good. do they brake a lot if taken good care of.
Yes and main question - is 550 miles much on ATV. i dont know engine hours - that' s bad i know. Maybe there is hour counter on panel? Is there a way to check?
And if there is - how much is much :D when better not to buy than buy.

Thanx in advance.
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What about 550 Miles. Is it much for ATV?
And woking hours - can i check them on ATV's (ranchers) speedometer?
Thank you for the info. For me it is soo usefull because this will be my first serious ATV...

AS for the choice - i see that there is no point to take 2WD. Does 4x4 requires much more maintenance.

I went to check this 2WD machine. IT looks clean and fresh... But it has no speedometer so i have no idea how much it has done. As well it was twitching when switching gears. That did not feel quite right. It should a little - but this wone did like too much. And second thing was when you push throttle all the way and fast - it jerks off - dies. Don't know should it be like that or not. And what i found out - it is brought from America through our neibhour country Lithuania - and they are famous of buying almoust dead machines and fixing then like nothing happened to it. Local Honda dealers told me the same - So this scares me off a little.
Next saturday i am going to check 4x4. It is boutht localy and is a little bit more trustable. But still - let's see. Anyway i got the point. There is no point to buy 2WD right. Because when i turn off AWD - it is the same feeling like driving 2WD right?
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Thanx for comment.

I did not tell before - i dont buy it for work. Not at all. Just for fun. Well and if I have 4x4 - probably i will get into bigger mud holes :D Loved to do it with my chinese atv.. but they suck a lot. And huge mud for chinese atv for honda will be a small puddle :)
Thanx Green. I checked forum and saw that some of you got atv's with over 2 and 3K miles... so 550 should be fine. Now i have to see hours. And as i understand under 100 would be fine right?
Ok will check that.
Eh - cann not wait to sit on it and have some fun :D

WHat about tyres - can i live with original ones (if they are more ore less ok) or i should get some mud tyres? I think i will like to go on some mud - maybe not deep one untill i get comfortable with machine. But for the start - stock will be fine?

And maybe you can share info what should be done when i have it.
1. Engine oil change
2. Oil filter change
3. Front and rear shaft oil change

something else?
Air filter, look for springs and cables the need lubricated. Check adjustment of brakes. Check tire pressure.

If the tires are good then I'd just use them until you figure out what you need.

What springs and cables are you talking about? Please explain in more detail.

And speaking of wires - and electrical system overall - i saw many guys going almoust under water with Rancher... is wiring prepared for that from factory? Or they do aditional water isolation. Air tube is clear.. but what about electricity?
Thank you all for your help. If feels good when there are experienced drivers and sharing their experience. I will update you all about my purchase. And let's see if i will have lack of some more info ;)
The pictures of the machine you are looking at look very clean. It looks like the previous owner took great care of it. The miles are just fine and the price is right. Make sure it has had it's regular oil changes and that they used motorcycle oil designed for WET clutches. The biggest mistake people make is that they put standard oil in these machines which really goofs up the wet clutch. Check the wear on the tires. The Rancher is a GREAT machine!
Thanx for your comment. FYI - pictures are from 2 different machines.
Both are same price. Upper is 4x4. But in the picture looks not so perfect. Lower is RWD - same price. I went to check it - it really looks great.
But tomorrow i am going to check this 4x4 and f-course priority is for 4x4 ;)
Worst experience in my life!

On The half way - to pick up the my rancehr - the owner called me and said - somebody offered me more money and i sold to him. Sorry.


I am still so mad and would kick his ass if seen!

Since it was the only one normal offer here... now i come to you with new question.
Is there soem guys in USA - near the east coast - who are dealing with ATVs
Who could organize shipping - load it ino container to Europe...
And for normal prices. Please let me know if you have any idea!
I have decided to bring one myself from USA

Please Help Me on This one...
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seeing how you got internet honda themselves..and order you a rancher 4x4..find out how much it would cost you to have them send one to you ?..also..ebay is another option if you can afford the shipping..that won't come cheap..not to have a atv shipped from usa to you..for that may as well order from
Yes - i was thinking of that but our local honda dealers are asking 10000USD for new rancher. It feels like not fear - when for example US has the price ~ 5000 USd.. :(
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