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Trx 400 wont start after rebuild

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Hi, I am new on this forum. The reason are problems with my 1999 trx 400ex. I was reading forums and didnt find any helpful informations so here i am. I decided to buy new 440 kit because old piston and cylinder were in bad condition. So I have instaled the new 440 kit, timing chain is from crf450, jetted carb 175/42, fmf exhaust, iridium spark plug, valves are polished, everything else is stock.
Now bike wont start. It just pops every second or two if choke is on. Got compression 120 psi, got fuel, got spark. I have tried to push start and it has run for few seconds but no way to idle. Tried to spray trough the air filter. Timing seems to be correct, valve clearance too.
I am out of ideas. And watch this, i have the same runing trx 400 at home, tried to change carb and almost all electric to running bike and it has started. Please give me some ideas, opinions..


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