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TRX 400 2004 won't run after valve clearances?

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A friend has a TRX 400ex, he checked the valve clearances (as far as I know) tightened them a little as they were loose.

Since the above the bike hasn't started, I've had a quick look at the manual and set clearances to 0.1 and 0.12 and it still won't run, it seems such an easy straight forward job I can't understand what has gone wrong? Am I missing something? It's the first time I have ever touched an ATV, I have worked on dirt bikes a lot. I am reading about a decompressor adjustment?
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It was running before the valve adjustment, I assume? You sure you had the timing marks set to TDC on the compression stroke and not exhaust.
Sounds right. Start from square one, maybe? Got spark and fuel flow?
I can't help with the decompression. I can't imagine that would cause your no start condition though if your using the starter to crank the motor. Is it cranking good, or struggling? How's the fuel flow?
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