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TRX 350 fuel tank reinstall

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Hi folks

In need of info...Husband took apart his 350 fourtrx some 3 years ago in order to clean the carb. Well...he's got the carb cleaned finally, and needs to put this baby back together....He just can't remember how the tank goes back need of pictures or something that could help him

Any ideas?

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Hi welcome what year is it? You can refer to the service manual illustrated parts breakdown or search OEM parts listings like Partzilla. The IPB on Partzilla will also show part numbers
Oh geez didn't realize I forgot the year....

its an 87 with the tank located under the seat....

thanks will see what i can come up with
It has a two piece belly band with four cushions. two hangar clamps four nuts attaches to frame crossmember under seat. A bolt assy attached to rear bumper holds up the back end
Page 4-4 good luck let us know how it's goin!


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other than what goober ^, said. it helps to have the rear swing arm dropped down, in order for the tank to make its way back in. it's a tight fit, but can be done.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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