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Can it be done? I just purchased a 1989 300 that has a good frame, front end, and strong running, non-smoking engine.

However, the rear axle assembly was removed. Diff completely blown, not sure of axle condition until removed from diff, and NO rear brake parts at all. Just a rubber bellows over where the brake assembly was.

Found a good condition 350 d rear end, also from a 1989 model. And the ad says it is good for a 300 swap.

However, the 350 is outboard brake and the 300 is inboard brake. And the 350 has dual rear shocks, whereas the 300 has single rear shock.

Does the driveshaft and swingarm even line up?

Someone school me and give me some ideas, please.

Thanks ahead of time.
Fishfiles, has done (i believe) a few of those mods, he'd be a good one to talk to.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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