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Hi guys,
I have a trouble with my grandpa old rig a beautifull trx 350 1986. My problem is starter wont crank when start button press. I heard solenoid click and i had check if power goes to starter and i got 12v at positive pole on starter. Ground is good too on starter. First i had remove the starter and take apart to see if somethong wrong in it but all is clean. I was thinking that because I rescue this beauty from my uncle, he doesnt use it anymore and it wasnt store it inside. I was able to start it last spring when I receive the atv at home. After this I be able to start it, one of my friend take it for a little ride and after the run i got no power on neutral switch. That's fix now. Buti still unable to start it also with the kick start. When i take it apart i see positive brush terminal a little more used then neutral one so i want to know if its better to buy brush set instead of a new starter and if you have and idea why i be not able to start it by kickstart.

Thanks for all answer.

P.S I'm french so if my english is bad please correct me :smile
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