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Trx 300 Kick starter/trans probs

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Hi Guys,

A short while ago I had my 1989 trx 300 engine side casing apart investigating a few things, (not sure if you remember Helmut) anyway i put it back together at the timne but only now have got the engine sorted and running.
I think I may of put the kickstart side together wrongly, when the engine is running (bike out of gear) the kick start pedal vibrates and there is a clicking sound that increases with the revs.
Is there a particular way/position that that the kick start assembley goes back together? I thought I put it back the way it came apart, with the spring etc, but obvioulsey I've messed it up somehow!
Any help wouyld be great!
Cheers all.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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